Interfaith Shaheedi Association was created with the specific purpose of paying homage to thousands of our forgotten brothers who made the supreme sacrifice for Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity in the 1st World War fought a hundred year ago.

During the two world wars in the 20th century, millions of soldiers from the Indian sub-continent came to Europe to fight for the most cherished values of Equality, Liberty, Fraternity, and Democracy. To keep these values alive, they paid the ultimate price by laying down their lives in a foreign and unknown land. In addition to that, back in India, mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers, wives lost their husbands and became widows and children became orphans by losing the shelter and protection of their fathers.

This monumental and unprecedented sacrifice, unique in human history, has not been properly recognized and acknowledged on the battlefield and back in India, on the scale it deserves.

Besides, not enough attention was paid to the last rites while disposing of the mortal remains of these martyrs as per Hindu-Sikh-Muslims-Christians and other cultural and religious beliefs. It is a deeply-rooted belief, rather a faith, that certain religious ceremonies must be performed so that the souls of the dead soldiers get their final release and rest in peace or continue their evolutionary journey.

India’s role in the First War has always been downplayed and under-documented for a number of reasons. India did not gain freedom till the Second Great War making the First a distant memory. Since there was no Indian nation yet, any forces sent from the subcontinent tended to be Empire soldiers or soldiers of princely states – both notions making them somewhat less than Indian for later commentators.

The First World War is a relatively unnoticed event in an otherwise historic timeline of Indian events. This colossal effort in the most difficult circumstance is not entirely forgotten nor actively remembered and needs to be portrayed in the correct perspective globally and in India.

Your support would be a noble gesture that would leave an everlasting imprint in history and a humble tribute to the gallant sacrifice of the Indian soldier in the First World War.

Our mission can only be continued with your participation and help.

We encourage you to donate to the Inter-Faith Shaheedi Commemoration Association and support our endeavors.

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