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Mr. Vohra Ramesh Chander

Founder and President of IFSC (Interfaith Shaheedi Commemoration Association)

Phone: +33 0609151174

Mrs. Vohra Meena

Co President of IFSC (Interfaith Shaheedi Commemoration Association)

Phone: +33 0613520388

Col. Deepak Dahiya (Retd)

Col. Manoj Channan (Retd)

Mr. Khosla Vimal

Mr. Bhatti Iqbal Singh

Mr. Nitai Gaurasundara (das)

India’s role in the First War has always been downplayed and under-documented for a number of reasons. India did not gain freedom till the Second Great War making the First a distant memory. Since there was no Indian nation yet, any forces sent from the subcontinent tended to be Empire soldiers or soldiers of princely states – both notions making them somewhat less than Indian for later commentators.

The First World War is a relatively unnoticed event in an otherwise historic timeline of Indian events. This colossal effort in the most difficult circumstance is not entirely forgotten nor actively remembered and needs to be portrayed in the correct perspective globally and in India.

Your support would be a noble gesture that would leave an everlasting imprint in history and a humble tribute to the gallant sacrifice of the Indian soldier in the First World War.

Our mission can only be continued with your participation and help.

We encourage you to donate to the Inter-Faith Shaheedi Commemoration Association and support our endeavors.

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